October 12, 2015



Pre-training Evaluation

All first-time athletes are required to complete a Pre-Training Evaluation. This 60-minute workout analyzes body composition, movement patterning, and establishes performance benchmark and goals. This evaluation is $40 or FREE for those who purchase a one-year membership. Call 573-777-4417 to schedule your evaluation today.

Group Training

The Human Performance Institute’s group training classes are the perfect program to take your performance to the next level. We use the Long-Term Athletic Development model to ensure all of our athletes, regardless of age are maximizing their potential.

Each group class lasts 90 minutes.

Session Price Listing
*All sessions must be used in a 1 year timeframe from time of purchase 90 Minute Sessions # of Sessions Group Price Group Price per Session
Evaluation 1 $40.00 $40.00
1 Month 1 year timeframe 5 $81.38 $16.28
1 year timeframe 10 $157.50 $15.75
1 year timeframe 15 $228.38 $15.23
1 year timeframe 20 $294.00 $14.70
3 Month 1 year timeframe 25 $354.38 $14.18
1 year timeframe 30 $409.50 $13.65
1 year timeframe 35 $459.38 $13.13
1 year timeframe 40 $504.00 $12.60
1 year timeframe 45 $543.38 $12.08
6 Month 1 year timeframe 50 $577.50 $11.55
1 year timeframe 55 $606.38 $11.03
1 year timeframe 60 $630.00 $10.50
1 year timeframe 65 $648.38 $9.98
1 year timeframe 70 $661.50 $9.45
1 year timeframe 75 $673.50 $8.98
12 Month 1 year timeframe 80 $684.80 $8.56
1 year timeframe 85 $694.45 $8.17
1 year timeframe 90 $703.80 $7.82
1 year timeframe 95 $712.50 $7.50
1 year timeframe 100 $720.00 $7.20
Prices do not include sales tax.


Cancer Rehabilitation Exercise

This program provides a specialized training package to fit individual needs who are currently undergoing cancer treatment or have completed treatment. This is a principle based program which allows us to ensure proper progress and safety for each individual. Constant communication with your physical therapist provides the client with the best training program for them.

Classes are held at 11 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The cost is $5 per class or $25 monthly for unlimited classes.

Lifetime Strong

This program provides adults 55+ a training environment appropriate for their goals and needs. We follow the same principles we train our athletes with but we progress and regress the training and specific exercises based on the individual. This allows us to meet the individual where they are at and ensure everybody improves at an optimal rate.

Before participating in the class each individual is asked to complete an evaluation with one of our trainers. This evaluation is 60 minutes in length and is FREE.

Classes are 60 minutes in length and held on Tuesday and Thursday at 9 a.m. The cost is $10 per class or $50 monthly for unlimited classes.

Rock Steady Boxing

This program provides a boxing class to empower individuals with Parkinson’s disease to fight back in a non-contact program tailored to your abilities. Boxing requires a combination of endurance, strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility, durability and hand-eye coordination. Boxing can help improve balance and stability.

Join Missouri’s first Rock Steady Boxing affiliate at 10 a.m. or 1 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The cost is $10 per class or $50 monthly for unlimited classes.

Transitional Training

This program provides an integrative approach to help you meet your personal goals after completing physical therapy or occupational therapy. A referrals from a physician, licensed physical therapist or a licensed occupational therapist is required.

Each 45-minute session with a certified personal trainer costs $25 and is self-pay only; your insurance will not be billed.

Yoga: Private, One-on-One Instruction

Our yoga therapy sessions offer a personalized, one-on-one experience, based on your needs and capabilities. Together, we’ll develop an at-home yoga practice that emphasizes gentle movement, conscious breathing and meditation. Each practice is carefully constructed to stay within your physical limits and the practice will adapt as your needs change over time. Yoga therapy can help increase strength and flexibility, improve sleep and pain management, and provide relief from stress and anxiety.

1 hour private sessions are held at the Cancer Rehabilitation Center at Ellis Fischel

  • $30 per private session
  • $150 for 6 private sessions (to be used within 3 months)
  • $240 for 12 private sessions (to be used within 6 months)

Yoga and Meditation Classes for Those with a Medical Illness

(Physician or therapeutic evaluation/referral may be required)

Join us for a yoga class emphasizing gentle movement, conscious breathing, and meditation to support your mind, body and spirit. Consistent yoga practice increases strength and flexibility, improves sleep and pain management, and provides relief from stress and anxiety. It also allows individuals to create a community of support and connect with others who have been affected by a medical illness.

  • 1 hour classes, $30 per month